The Perfect Time to Insulate - Up To $1600 In Government Rebates

As Canadians, we all know that we need insulation in our homes to keep warm during the winter, but what about the summer? After all, Ontario is known not only for its cold winters, but also it’s hot, humid summers. If insulation keeps us warm in the winter, won’t it just make it too hot inside during the summer? Luckily, insulation actually helps to keep your home cool, and makes your home use less energy to boot. Here is how insulating your home during the summer can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your comfort and energy bills, and how current rebate programs mean you’ll save money up front, too -- now that’s cool!

You already know that insulation can make your home warmer, but that’s only half the story -- a well-insulated home in the summer provides just as many (if not more!) benefits than in the winter. With the temperature rising, now is the perfect time to have Great Northern Insulation prepare your home for the longer, hotter summer months -- especially in Ontario, where the summer weather can be extreme.

Have you noticed a difference in temperature between floors of your home, your energy bills rising from increased fan or air conditioner use, or have been unable to keep your home at a constant, comfortable temperature? It’s not just something you have to live with because of our hot Ontario summers! Temperature disparity between rooms or floors can mean that your house is lacking the proper insulatio to keep a constant, comfortable temperature throughout.

For instance, you may have noticed that your attic becomes extremely hot in the summer. Warm air is always seeking out cool air, and will be targeting your cooler home interior, resulting in uncomfortable heat and overworked fans or air conditioners. To counteract this, a properly insulated attic results in your conditioned air staying cool and where it belongs -- inside your home.
You’ll notice the benefits in many ways, including a more stable home temperature, fans and air conditioners being used less, and lower energy bills.

Not only will you discover all the ways you can make your home more comfortable for the summer and save money on your energy bills, but the current energy rebates offered through Union Gas mean you can get up to $5000 should you choose to upgrade your home.

To recap, here are just a few of the benefits you’ll notice from insulating your home for the summer:

 - More stable temperature between floors 
 - Refreshingly low energy bills 
 - Less wear and tear on your air conditioner or fans
 - Less wasteful energy usage 
 - Cool and comfortable summer nights 
 - A more comfortable summer in Southwestern Ontario!