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At ALPHA ROOFING CANADA CORP, a complete exterior package with vinyl siding, prepainted aluminium soffit & facia and continuous prepainted steel eavestroughs is supported to allow you to enjoy the least maintenance and the most satisfied exterior of your house. A wide variety of colours are available to be chosen in GTA, and installed by our experience exterior staffs that will look after all your needs.

Vinyl Siding first appeared in the 1950's as a competitor to the popular aluminum cladding of the time. It was a mono-extrusion product, meaning the same material all the way through, and the inconsistency in manufacture made it difficult to repeat the same color tones with each batch. The co-extrusion method made better color matching and UV protection. In co-extrusion siding is made out of two layers of vinyl. The outside layer contains an ultraviolet resistant vinyl while the inside part has less of the UV ingredient which makes it cheaper to make. This is why co-extrusion requires special equipment for the duality in the manufacture: tools and training expense. But the end product is cheaper to produce than the old mono-extrusion.

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Pros for Using Vinyl Siding

We Provide Best Vinyl Siding Services In Toronto

  • Cheapest of the exterior cladding
  • More impact resistant than aluminum
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Easy to install compared to other sidings
  • Available in different thicknesses and textures (woodgrain included)
  • Available in different styles : cedar shake-look, clapboard look, vertical board, slate-tile look
  • Never needs painting
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Arguments Against Using Vinyl Siding

  • Certain thicknesses will not withstand hail or puncturing
  • May strip off in a high wind
  • Manufacture causes harm to the environment (PVC's)
  • Difficult to recycle: Some recyclers won't take it
  • Flammable and produces toxic fumes during combustion
  • Moisture under siding may rot wood underlay or produce mold
  • May diminish home value: An historic home in an old neighborhood reclad with vinyl may turn off prospective buyers or lessen the price
  • Hard to match after a few years: Vinyl will fade over time and replacement pieces will be difficult to match
  • Pieces have to overlap for long walls leaving gaps for wind, insects and air to get in

For all its warts vinyl is here to stay. The thicker siding will stand up the best and try to choose a color and style that can stand for the next 20 years. Properly installed it should last as long or more than any of the other products.

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